• Amy T
    My vision is to have a Chestermere
    that is a Community Connected by clear Communication!
  • AMY T for Chestermere Council
    Chestermere is OUR Community, our homes, our businesses, the place where our
    children grow up, I too have a daughter that is a busy participant in
    our Community and I want whats best for us all.
  • Life can be better
    I want to work for YOU, bringing your concerns/ideas/energies
    and SOLUTIONS forward and then implement the best of them
    to serve our Community better.

Ask Amy T.

Any proper question sent to me at this email (amy@amytchestermere.ca) will be posted here along with my answer:

Q 1. Do you thing the City of Chestermere should invest capital towards the construction of a pool here in Chestermere?

A. I feel our Recreation Facilities need to be upgraded her ein Chestermere. When you compare our facilities to other area communitie we are indeed lacking. We are a young community and this would be a significant asset for us.

Q 2. Do you think community gardens should be developed underneath the powerlines that run through Chestermere?

A. The land under the Power lines is a liability in that someone has to take care of it so that it can just grow Grass. I think YES that land can have greater value and it would also be nice if the trees and shrubs planted by and maintained by the City are FRUIT BEARING thus providing blossoms and fruit to eat for our Residents!

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