• Amy T
    My vision is to have a Chestermere
    that is a Community Connected by clear Communication!
  • AMY T for Chestermere Council
    Chestermere is OUR Community, our homes, our businesses, the place where our
    children grow up, I too have a daughter that is a busy participant in
    our Community and I want whats best for us all.
  • Life can be better
    I want to work for YOU, bringing your concerns/ideas/energies
    and SOLUTIONS forward and then implement the best of them
    to serve our Community better.

Chestermere Concerns

As a fiscal conservative and Utilitarian, I believe we need extreme value for our tax dollars and we must invest with a clear vison of what we will achieve.

NEEDS COME BEFORE WANTS; and there is a large difference between the two. Under the Canadian constitution, a government is charged with the duty to protect its citizens. As a licensed paralegal with the Law Society of Upper Canada, my views were formed from my work experience as well as my education and upbringing.

I firmly believe anything worth wanting is worth working for and with rights comes responsibilities.

We need to be Proactive not Reactive with our growth. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

The following are my opinions on some of the concerns that I see currently in Chestermere:

1. PROPERTY TAXES: Yes, our taxes are high. We have some amenities other communities do not: particularly the lake and beach. We are also lacking some things that other communities have. No two Communities are the same. One cannot compare “apples with oranges” we can only face our realities and do the best we can with what we have.

As your Councilor I will research and do the best I can with what is available to us. As a homeowner in Chestermere, I too, would like to pay less in taxes, but then I must consider what am I willing to give up?

Cost efficiencies need to be found. Once I am on Council I will research and look deep into our Municipal budgets to see where waste can be trimmed.

3. RR #240 DEVELOPMENT: The City of Chestermere purchased a tract of land along RR #240 for light industrial development. To develop this, a proper market analysis should be initiated to determine the forecasted needs of our current population ten years from now, such that when it is completed, we have the services we need AT THAT TIME to sustain us as well as draw new people to Chestermere.

4. ACCELERATED DEVELOPMENTS: Development of thousands of new homes is planned and apparently approved for the near future.


5. ROAD SAFETY: I would also look to improve road safety within our Community.

As our population increases, so will the demand for infrastructure and thoroughfares to our city as well as traffic volumes.

6. SECURITY: As our Community grows, crime is also increasing; many of my friends here have been victimized.

While our Community seems safe enough now we must remain vigilant. I support our RCMP and would love to see an expansion of “Community Watch” and related programs.

I would further encourage us all to know our neighbors to keep our small town warmth and to increase awareness and safety.

We all remember where we grew up, let’s work together to create amazing memories of Chestermere for us and our children.