AMY T for Chestermere Council

Working TOGETHER we can make it the best place in Canada!

Amy T’s top thoughts

Throughout my campaign as good questions come forward to me I will update my position on the “hot topics” affecting Chestermere.

To begin with here 5 things I think are crucial for a successful City!

Communication: - a municipal government must communicate effectively with its citizens/stakeholders/neighbors.

I shall facilitate communication via bi-monthly coffee house meetings to report to the community. My web site will evolve into a site for discussion and to raise or question issues being dealt with by council as well as make suggestions.

Integrity and Honesty: Essential for government: I vow to do as I say and to be straight forward, honest and open to examination by the electorate. I will be open to questions and will welcome the opportunity to explain issues to the electorate.

An ongoing dialogue will be encouraged. Your questions and participation in finding solutions for issues is welcome - I ask for your suggestions and ideas to present to council after researching them for presentation.

Transparency: In a democracy, government is to operate in a transparent manner and is answerable to the people. I am and will continue to be open and approachable by people - transparent with my records and communications accessible upon request.

Spending: As a fiscal conservative, I am not one who favors borrowing for expenditures. Save and then spend once ongoing expenses are met. Needs come before wants for anything worth wanting is worth working for.

Community: I believe in a strong, integrated, community wherein residents cooperate, are well known each other and communicate effectively is the safest and most prosperous. Let’s work together: all for one and one for all!