• Amy T
    My vision is to have a Chestermere
    that is a Community Connected by clear Communication!
  • AMY T for Chestermere Council
    Chestermere is OUR Community, our homes, our businesses, the place where our
    children grow up, I too have a daughter that is a busy participant in
    our Community and I want whats best for us all.
  • Life can be better
    I want to work for YOU, bringing your concerns/ideas/energies
    and SOLUTIONS forward and then implement the best of them
    to serve our Community better.

Who is Amy Taylor

Amy T Bio

I grew up in an industrial city, Hamilton, Ontario, where I was involved in the community, coached sports, and developed a strong sense of fair play. Though injured in a car accident, as passenger, when I was 17, I have risen to many challenges even when the odds were against me.

My husband of ten years, who works for Calgary Transit, our child, and I have lived in Chestermere since 2012.

I volunteer at the school, have been involved at the Rec Centre and Toastmasters. I love being here and find the community very warm and inviting. We live in a beautiful city and can make it even more so by working together.

If you give me the honour of serving you, I will do so with openness, integrity and honesty. I have a background in business (marketing and fundraising), municipal issues, and was a licensed paralegal in the province of Ontario.

It is my goal to work and to be available in my office from 10-4 Monday, Wednesday and Friday as well as by appointment evenings and weekends.

I will strive to report to the community on a bimonthly basis at a meet and greets and ongoing on my web site www.AmyTChestermere.ca.

It is important to me to be available to hear your ideas, suggestions and problems/concerns. I am smiley, positive and approachable and believe in transparency of government. Ideally, I would like to see a grassroots movement in Chestermere whereby decisions of the council are reflective of grassroots ideas and suggestions. This is OUR city. My goal is to work WITH you and facilitate OUR vision of its future.

I am a fiscal conservative (ok, I'm cheap: quality driven!) - anything worth wanting is worth working for; a hard worker (have had to fight many issues in my life including surviving fatal injuries) and believe in equality and rights; however, those rights also come with responsibilities.

Individual rights entail individual responsibilities. I respect everyone, for each person has their own perspective based on their individual frame of reference and they are entitled to same. I am a Christian and believe in saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

My vision is to have a Chestermere that is a Community Connected by clear Communication!

I will encourage and facilitate discussion and input from EVERYONE as I have a vested interest in this community!

Working TOGETHER we can make it the best place in Canada!

I look forward to meeting with many of you and to having open frank discussions about how I can best serve the City of Chestermere.


Amy Taylor